SPG is about customized cutting edge sports performance training. Speed is a skill you can master. At SPG we make athletes faster.

SPG Co-owners have Coached and participated in amateur and professional sports for over 15 years.  They have trained over 200 professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and the English Premier League. Both are an internationally certified Speed and Agility experts and sports performance consultants through S.A.C. Canada/Japan/USA.

At SPG, athletes train like the pros.  Athletes will improve their power, explosiveness, quickness, agility, conditioning and strength.   Our facility is equipped with a turf field and Keiser weight machines.  We also use the Omegawave system to make sure our athletes optimize their training.

Co-owners, Vernon Boyd and Shawn Vass, are internationally certified in speed, agility and conditioning.  Vernon was an all-ACC sprinter and member of the football team at the University of Maryland.  Shawn was an All-American sprinter at George Mason University.  They started SPG to provide athletes with the edge they need to get ahead.  They have worked with athletes all levels and have partnered with the NBA Players Association and the Liverpool FC Academy.


SPG programs bring expert techniques to the basic fundamentals of all sports at all levels:


Linear speed is the basis for all movement skills.  There are several components to linear sped depending upon the sport those are: acceleration, max velocity, and speed maintenance. Speed training can improve movement speed conserve energy prevent injuries and increase overall longevity of performance.

What’s your sport? This is just a snapshot!


SPG Soccer

Soccer is an extremely athletic sport in which explosive speed is the difference between a good player and a great player.  In addition to working on ball skills, soccer players must become a better all-around athlete.  By focusing on speed, agility and conditioning, you will have the needed explosiveness for quick movements on the field and the endurance for 90 minute games.  SPG works with all positions on specific conditioning, speed, quickness, endurance and running mechanics.

SPG Football

We build customized programs for football players no matter the position. Programs meet the demands of each specialized spot on the field.  We offer NFL Combine training. Call for information.  Programs focus on speed and quickness aiming at faster 40 yard times. See below for position specific focus areas.

Key Position
  • Wide Receivers
  • Defensive Backs
  • Offensive Line
  • Defensive Ends
  • Line Backer
Focus Area
  • Acceleration and Breakaway Speed
  • Back Pedaling Hip Mobility and Speed
  • Quickness, Footwork and Strength
  • Speed to Quarterback

SPG Lacrosse

 Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet”.  As a lacrosse athlete, you need to hone your speed and agility in order to gain the advantage on the field.  SPG will help you improve speed and agility, quickness, change of direction, endurance and overall athletic development for LAX.

SPG Basketball

A complete basketball player is more than being able to dribble, pass and shoot.  You must be able to move laterally with and without the ball.  You need explosive speed, jumping ability and endurance, too.   With SPG’s basketball program, you will receive specialized speed, agility and conditioning training to achieve all of these goals.  We train basketball players at every level, from recreation leagues to the NBA, and everyone in between.  Programs focus on conditioning, strength for basketball, “man on ball” defense and vertical jump. We also offer NBA Combine training. Call for information.

SPG Baseball

SPG baseball programs focus on speed agility and conditioning across positions on the field.  Focus on 60 yard dash training, “running the bases” and “getting to 1st“. For infield players we focus on movement (linear and lateral) and quickness.  For outfield players the focus is on speed and core development.

SPG Field Hockey

SPG Field Hockey programs focus on speed agility and conditioning across positions on the field.  Programs focus on linear and lateral movement, quickness, lower leg stability, flexibility and injury prevention (focus on ACL).

We invite you to join the SPG elite.  Learn more here about our specific programs

We invite you to join the SPG elite. Learn more here about our specific programs.